Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BROOM submitted!

So, there's a fun new thing at Hogwarts this term for projects that aren't *quite* time-eating enough to qualify for an O.W.L., but are definitely too much for a month-long class. It's the Order of the Phoenix, which has four departments - Central Command, Security Operations, Recruitment, and Undercover Operations. Now, I've wanted an excuse to knit a Rogue hoodie FOREVER, but it's definitely not an OWL-level project for me. I *might* be able to pull it off in a month - but not if I had to knit anything else (like, say, Quidditch projects, six classes, an OWL, various Challenges...). So a BROOM (Basic Request for Official Order Mission) is a great vehicle for finally getting me the pullover I've wanted forever.

To the point that I've started it before, but in acrylic yarn - and I really want it out of wool. My Miss Babs Yowza! in Russet came in last month, so I'm taking it as A Sign. (I love Yowza! - I'd better, since I've made a king-sized Girasole out of it.) So, I'll be starting all over again once I'm approved, but I'm fine with that. I WANT THIS SWEATER!!!

Anyway, here's my BROOM. As you can probably tell, I had a LOT of fun putting it together. (Also - I don't own any of the images but my sweater schematic at the bottom.)
BROOM Proposal - Public Portion

I, "Morissa Hazard" [ R E D A C T E D - R E D A C T E D ] of the noble house of Slytherin (see file, left), greatly desires to go on a mission for the Order of the Phoenix. I must follow in my sister "Carrollon Hazard"s (see file) footsteps quite literally, and hope that I can find her, as she has been out of contact for much longer than she ought. I propose, therefore, to gain admission to her current circle of "friends", and continue her work - discovering if the Death-Eaters that are attempting to re-form as a coherent (and dangerous) group.

It is suspected by [ R E D A C T E D ] of the [ R E D A C T E D ] that the new circle is forming around Minos Rockwood (second son of Augustus Rockwood). Despite his father's known offenses, and his elder brother's disapperance, Minos has managed to hold on to the family fortune. To all outward appearances, he is an earnest, charismatic young man with considerable resources at his disposal. His usual mode of dress can politely be termed "flamboyant" (or "gaudy" or "eyereekingly loud"), so he is noticed wherever he goes. He is a favorite subject of the gossip columns of several periodicals.

Minos Rockwood, source: Daily Prophet

He does, however, disappear from time to time. Completely. This in itself is not unusual, people aren't always in the public eye after all, but coupled wtih credible rumors from [ R E D A C T E D ] and actual eyewitness accounts from [ R E D A C T E D - R E D A C T E D - R E D A C T E D ], he dons far less conspicuous garb than is is wont and heads to a known Portkey at the edge of his estate.

Minos Rockwood: source Carrollon Hazard

My sister, of age to be an "acceptable match" with Rockwood (yes, the [ R E D A C T E D ] families still talk that way!), was approached by [ R E D A C T E D ] some time ago to, in turn, approach Rockwood. After a few months, within which she gained his trust, she was able to ascertain that the Portkey on the Rockwood estate emerges just outside the [ R E D A C T E D ], in the [ R E D A C T E D ]. While this is perhaps a surprising destination for a would-be Death-Eater, its very unlikliness - outright brazenness, if you prefer - make it a very secure meeting place. Carrollon was also able to positively identify at least one of the other members of the alleged group - [ R E D A C T E D - R E D A C T E D ].

Death Eater?: source Carrollon Hazard

So far, so good - except Carrollon herself has disappeared. I was able to find her last communication in the [ R E D A C T E D ] files.

Note, ascribed to C.H., source: [ R E D A C T E D ] file

It seems likely that Minos Rockwood's Suspected Activities have crossed into Actual Activities, and my sister herself may be in grave danger. Based on other information in the [ R E D A C T E D ] files, I have pieced together that there is a ritual planned for the Full Cold Moon (in late November). The Harvest Moon has just passed, so I need to find Carrollon in a scant six weeks - before the Full Cold Moon rises.

Carrollon Hazard, source: Ministry File - Suspected Death Eaters

I realize that as a relative of someone that may be in peril, I have to be unnoticable - or so ordinary as to attract no attention whatsoever. To blend in, no matter where I am. I must be able to flow seamlessly - and unnoticed - in whatever surroundings I find myself - or at least look as though I belong where I am! To this end I propose to fashion a hooded pullover, with some (but not too much) decoration, in a deep brown. That seems to be the favored color of Rockwood's group. It should allow me to blend as much as possible - but it won’t seem an unusual thing for me to wear in my everyday life, so I shouldn’t draw attention to myself as doing anything odd, either. I hope to be able to reach the Portkey (luckily, my uncle [ R E D A C T E D ] owns a bit of property estate adjoining the Rockwood estate), and through it find the Death-Eaters - and, Fates willing, my sister. I will obtain what information I can, retrieve my sister, if possible, and hopefully they’ll never know I was there.

I fervently hope my Proposal is accepted.

Thank you,
"Morissa Hazard"
Just for my personal reference, I'm putting my schematic from the original Rogue here; the inches are correct, but my gauge might vary. And at this point, I have no idea where the actual paper copy has hidden itself, if it even still exists!!

Now, I just have to wait to see if I've been approved...

*...drums fingers on desk...*

Are we there yet...?

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