Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Chee-to is On Fire.

No post yesterday, almost no post today. Let's just leave it at it was one of those 24-hour periods that invovled driving through downtown DC at 4am with a Birthday Cake strapped in the backseat and leave it there.

The Tri-Wizard Tournament started on Sunday, and I've completed my first task. Due to a lack of time and possibly too much sugar (blame the Birthday Cake!), here's my turn-in post.
Name: CraftyGryphon
House: Slytherin
Tag: SFire1QF11
Project Page: Chee-To!!!

Woohoo! This is CraftyGryphon, Fifth Year Slytherin and Tri-Wizard Tournament Contestant, checking in with the Scoring Judges! I have chosen the Path of Fire (henceforth the Path WITH FLAMES), and, to that end, I have found a way to protect myself from fire - most especially Fire Damage Caused By Direct Dragon Flames. I decided that since Phoenixes are both awesome...

... and tend to fight off Fire-Breathing Dragons, I'd see if I could find a baby one to protect me. (And possibly see if it would imprint on me. I could be a Mama Phoenix!)

This is Chee-to, my baby Phoenix. Phoenixes, as we know, are impervious to flames themselves (except that special end-of-life one that they don't talk about), and their tears have magical healing properties. Just a cute little bundle of flame protection, he is! And a bit of a show-off. (He made me post multiple pictures, really, he did.)

He took about 180 yards of yarn, which I was NOT really expecting, except that to get the Vanna's Glamor (the sparkly stuff) to be as voluminous as the Red Heart Super Saver (orange and yellow), I had to crochet double the number of rows and used about double what I thought I'd need! Yikes!!

Without his cute little wings and big fluffly tail and sparkly feet and beak, he didn't quite hit 100 yards. If he had somehow been over the 150 yard mark then, he would have spent the rest of his life as an Actual Chee-to, instead of just having an embarassing name.

I think he'll forgive me for giving him the powers of flight and extreme cutness!
More tomorrow.... or something. Unless there's another fierce Birthday Cake waiting in the wings!!!

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