Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bronze Yarn for the Ravenclaws

I'm not certain I announced this - and it was a few weeks back that I discovered it, but Vanna's Glamour finally comes in BRONZE. Ravenclaws finally have their 2nd color represented - I expect to see some awesome 'Claw scarves this winter!

There's also some really violent hot-pink out there now... I'm not quite sure what to make with it. I'm sure, once I think of something, I'll buy them out. (The temptation is to do a Katherine Hepburn sweater (from Lace Style) out of it - it's been in my queue forever.)

I seem to really be into the Vanna's Glamour. I'll eventually be knitting/crocheting a full-circle hooded cloak out of it for my NEWT. (Which is why I *really need to finish my Astronomy OWL*...!)

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