Friday, September 16, 2011

I want a Rocket Ship!

I've been working on the HSS Unity for a couple of weeks. It's going to be adorable, and it's totally going to be submitted for the Fibre Space Window Contest:
We are busy planning this year’s holiday window which will be entered in the Old Town Alexandria window decorating contest – but we need your help!
Knit or crochet a small or large rocket, and you will be entered for a prize drawing that will include yarn, books and gift certificates. 8 prizes total will be awarded – each one worth over $50. You are entered once for each small rocket (5") that you make and twice for each large rocket (10").
I figured out a way, thanks to the now-available Vanna's Glamour BRONZE colorway, to make it a real House Unity ship, with all four colors and all four metals represented. The extra additions, though, are REALLY slowing me down and making it less fun than it should be right now. It'll be fine once I get all the fiddly bits finished (trim on the fins, the third booster, the flames in the boosters). But here it is, and here it will probably stay until the race on Sunday. (NASCAR = work on the Thing That Needs Doing Now).

The yellow/red thing on the left = ship.

Progress towards Order First Class:

18 Classes (over the course of term - 3 months) - Status: Five classes done, four turned in (CoMC is a group project, Astronomy is being turned in en masse on the 25th)
Quidditch (Participate in at least one match) - Status: signed up for Yule Ball and Fire Task #1
Headmistress' Challenge - Status: N/A as yet
Detention (Complete one Detention assignment) - Status: DONE
OWL or NEWT - Status: OWL Proposal accepted, 18% OWL accomplished
BROOM - Status: Mission Request submitted.

(Doing an OWL and a BROOM also qualifies me for the Silver Serpent.)

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