Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knitting for fun and profit?

Quick Note: CraftyGryphon Knits is now available on LiveJournal as a feed.

I don't feel bad about not having a picture for today, since I've been really good with the pictures lately. Instead, I will point out fun stuff and ask a question.

Fun stuff: Okay, I'm totally getting the Yarn Harlot 2009 Calendar. (Like I'm not gonna get the new book the second I see it on the shelves! See, I badger my local Border's to get such things, so I buy 'em there when I have a coupon (which, thanks to being on the e-list, is pretty much constantly).

And now, the question: KnittyDragon asked, probably rhetorically, if there was a way she could spend her life knitting, writing and other good stuff... without starving in the streets. I, of course, tried to think of some. This is what I have so far; any other ideas most welcome.
  1. Win the lottery, preferably over $2.3 million after taxes. Assuming you're over the age of three, that should do it.
    Downside: You'll need a financial planner, and they ain't cheep. Then again, you're rich now.
  2. Find a YarnDaddy or YarnMomma... someone who's willing to support you whilst you do this stuff.
    Downside: He or she will probably want something in return, and it could be ooky.
  3. Become famous knitblogger - it's worked for Wendy, the Yarn Harlot, Crazy Aunt Purl, etc. Why not you?
    Downside: Breaking through is tough... but once you do, you're golden.
  4. Find a job you *also* enjoy, and teach everyone there to knit. (This is my method until I win the lottery, btw.)
    Downside: Some actual work has to get done.
  5. Realize that eventually, there will be retirement, and if you've planned well, you get to write and knit as much as you want.
    Downside: "Retirement" can be decades away, and not everyone is that patient.
Anyone have any other (legal) methods to add to the list?


  1. Um, I'm not sure about Purl, but Wendy? She takes the metro in to DC and works a gov't job right here.

    So basically, no. I think you do what you can to bring more knit to your life, and increase that knit as you can.

  2. You're a famous knit blogger to me, baby!


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