Thursday, January 24, 2008

Actually posted *ON THURSDAY*!!

Thursday Report

Naturally, I wanted a scarf with all the extra yarn I got for the Amanda hat, so I'm doing a thing with the crossed-lace pattern, then a block of stockinette, then another block of the crossed-lace. Even with garter-stitch edging, the stockinette makes the scarf curl towards the back a bit, which is wonderful, since the back just doesn't look as cool as the front. It doesn't look *bad*, of course... just more randomly nubby. I think it's going to be a seven or nine panel scarf; I've done four.

The Yarn, of course, kept trying to roll around the floor. Normally, it would sit next to me on the couch, as would my husband. Our couch, however, due to home repairs (see here), is inaccessible at present. We trade sitting in the accessible wing chair and hard metal folding chair. The yarn has nowhere to go... or at least, it didn't.

Let's hear it for (a) good ol' American ingenuity and (b) husbands that will sit still for being used as makeshift yarn minders.

I should add that this worked really well, and I got two more sections of scarf done last night!

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