Thursday, January 10, 2008's BACON!!

Firstly, Knitted Bacon Hat! Oh, the things that the Fry-Up Knitalong is responsible for. (Then again, I totally want a knitted or crocheted bacon wrap.) I mean, THIS IS COOL.

images (c)Monster
Pattern available for sale here.

Water, water everywhere... sort of.
I forgot about the cold.
When you start actually hydrating yourself, after you haven't done so properly for, say, a year and a half, you will spend the first half of the first day absolutely, positively FROZEN. Not that you're actually cold, of course. You body just suddenly has more fluid rushing through it than it's used to heating up to a comfortable level. (Especially if, like me, you forgot about The Cold, and put extra ice in your sugar-free decaf 9-parts water to 1-part cran-grape bottle.) By three o'clock, The Cold finally went away, my kidneys had remembered what they're supposed to do with 'extra' water, and I'm feeling much better, but for the exhaustion. I *have* had caffiene today, since I actually wanted to function and have a job tomorrow (I'm not a complete idiot unless I'm improperly caffinated cold-turkey. As a complete idiot, the brain/mouth filter is just GONE... and that's not a good thing in my line of work. This is why I decaffinate gradually over a two-week period. Yes, this is the voice of experience.)

Saw this on the way in to work: the panel on the side of the bus (an ad for Burger King) says "Wake Up Happy". A large cup full of shiny ice and sparkling Dr. Pepper is depicted.
They know me so well.

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