Wednesday, January 23, 2008

100th Post!

Wednesday Report

(Having already posted over a dozen pictures today, I don't feel too bad about "today's" entry not having any. It has other fun stuff.)

Finally got back to my desk this morning, to find several Knitting Dailies and a pile of Daily Chum in my inbox. Weeding through it all, several items caught my eye. While I have bookmarked the bulk of them, I'm sharing two:

First, some lovely Toe Warmers from the Yarn Lover's Room (with a conversion to crochet, too!). I'm going to have to do these, since I usually fail to sleep properly due to cold feet. And anything restrictive around my ankle WILL get kicked off, so regular socks, slippers, what-have-you just don't work.

Also mentioned was the Beginner's Guide to Charted Lace Knitting: here. If anyone is thinking about trying one of the lovely lace shawl knitalongs, and is thinking they *might* be up to it, but isn't sure about the whole "reading lace charts" thing, this is a wonderful resource that explains everything in nice clear terms, with GOOD illustrations. You! Go try lace!!

Seeing that reminded me that I need to download the pattern for Secret of the Stole II, even though I haven't bought the yarn from The Sanguine Gryphon (I *really* need to do that this week).

*That* sent me over to DK's site, where she mentioned Just Such An Animal... in other words,
LibirVox(pointer from DK). Lots of free books to load onto my iPod, yay!!

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  1. I have to point out, because Gryphon of Sanguine Gryphon is my friend, that her shop is donating half of the proceeds of any hand dyed item sold over the next month or so to the victims of a terrible fire in Cambridge MD. If you're going to buy from Gryphon, now is a really auspicious time to do it. You get beautiful yarn, and you know you're helping a fellow human being.

    Lauren, who seems to collect Gryphons.


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