Monday, January 21, 2008

Amanda Hat!!

Monday Report

Felt pretty awful, and couldn't move much. Unlike last week, however, I could move both arms at once without triggering nausea, so I knitted. During the Much Running Around on Saturday, I'd gotten yarn to make my Amanda Hat. During the games on Sunday, I managed to start *and finish* a hat. It was, unfortunately, too big.

Monday, my mom manage to unpick the intricate and very, VERY secure knotwork that held together the crown of the hat, and I brought the stitching back to the top of the garter stitch rows. I did a couple more rows of garter stitch (to match the bottom)... and viola! I had an Amanda Neckwarmer!!

The Amanda Hat

Me wearing same

Matching Neck Warmer!!

Amanda Hat and Amanda Neck Warmer

I still wanted the hat, though, so, given my gauge with Bulky Yarn on the first "hat", I cut the cast-on stitches to 63, and killed one repeat everywhere but the middle garter stitch rows. The result: lovely hat that fits perfectly!! (Plus, I'm halfway done with a matching scarf, too!)


  1. Wow! Look at that hat!!! Excellent! Would you mind sending me your fav Amanda hat pic along with your Ravelry name, blog address, yarn you used and colorway and I can add you to the Amanda Hat Gallery? What a creative person you are!

  2. Love the hat! Keep thinking of buying a bulky yarn just for a hat or two.


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