Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday (posted Wednesday)

Tuesday Report

One of the other wonderful patterns I downloaded was the Travelling Roses Scarf, and during Saturday's Yarn Haul (I did mention I got a Michael's gift certificate for Christmas, right?), I got some lovely fluffy soft pink yarn, one little ball. Here is the first of thirteen repeats for this scarf (although given I'm doing it on size 8 needles, I think seven or eight will suffice).

See the tiny rosebud?

I *really* like the fact that I can see the little rosebuds in the knitting! This is gonna be just beautiful!! (And I'm just at 60 UFOs again now, which isn't bad, since I've started only four things this year and I've already finished two, and another two soon!) Blocking is gonna make this little scarf-thing ROCK.

The pattern repeats over 44 rows, so it's not one I'm going to memorize any time soon. It's a nice time-to-sit-and-concentrate or I-can't-actually-move-so-complicated-knitting-is-okay pattern. Also, watched some TV. Brett Sommers (from Match Game '75 - yep, I watch ancient game shows when I'm sick) had a sweater I just adored, and would wear today, if only I knitted it up. It's the first thing from the 70's I've seen in some time that I really, really like... which probably says something about my taste, but hey, I was sick:

Okay, it looks like Candy Corn, but that's actually a plus on my planet.

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