Friday, January 18, 2008

Accidental Extra Knitting Time (see end)

       Yesterday, I updated my UFO tracking sheet. It was the oddest feeling - I don't think the "Projects Started in 200X" column has ever still been empty this far into a new year! Not only that, but I already had a project finished left over from the tail end of 2006. 58 UFOs, and no real way to start a new one!

       See? NO new projects started in 2008, and one finish. (And yes, some of the entries at the bottom in the Tracking List do have "1992" and "1996", etc., as start dates. Sometimes, things just don't get finished for a good, long time.)
       I'm still chugging along on the Lilly of the Valley Shawl, and if I can just get across the row I'm working now (or, rather, the one I had to stop in the middle because it was time to scoot upstairs to my desk), then I can join in the next ball. I think the middle-sized ball of the three that came out of Skein #2 will be enough - I've already knit 15 (7.5) repeats, and I've only got 6 (3.0) left. Yeah, I know, I thought I was closer than I was - *starting* set-of-repeats #7 means I have 4.5 sets left. Now that I've finished the first half of repeat-set #8, NOW I'm three sets from the end of the body.
       I've also picked up a pillow top for a pillow I'm making for my Dad. It's canvas, but it's old-style kit canvas. While this goes quickly, it's missing some "pizzaz" and "oomph". I may not get too fancy with the fish beyond colonial knots for the dots thereupon... but I've GOT to fancy up the lures some. Nifty stitches and patterns, SOMETHING. Right now, it's just boring, and I can't have that!
       Still doing a bit on my Pocahontas piece, too, although that's hit a dull patch. The excitement of filling in large blocks of colors wanes after a few thousand stitches, go figure.
       I'm hoping this weekend that I'll finally get enough unburied from our back room (which is still being painted and fixed) that I'll be able to get to yarn for my Amanda Hat. I'm not expecting to get anything from the contest, of course... but I would like a pretty hat!

       Also: the yarn I got from Alli is going to turn into a pair of Falling In Love Socks. They're gonna be really, really bright... but fun. Little brightly-colored cascading heart socks! Yay!
       Now, of course, I just have to have a hellishly productive weekend so I can either find yarn or finish projects to the point that there will be Less To Do.
       Yeah, like that's gonna work...

This Just In: Commute from Heck this morning. I got Trapped on a Train. (Not "from Hell", though, since I got off the train in less than an hour from the time Metro realized They Had A Problem.")

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  1. Good luck with busy hard-working weekend. At least you know you'll have reward when it's over...maybe that will help.

    Beautiful sampler!



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