Friday, January 4, 2008


Wasn't here yesterday, as I was at home with the contractors. The "internet at home" thing is just *not* fast enough to deal with blog updates!

Cool thing of the day: DK, the Nautical Knitter (who brought us the lovely Guenivere, aka Secret of the Stole I) and he who is known as "Mr. K" have started a great internet resource: Find things you need, find things out you need to know, watch videos, listen to podcasts... lots and lots of yarny goodness! I just know I'll have fun poring through the site when I should be doing work.

Other cool thing of the day: The construction on my house is almost done!

On the downside, I can't get to ANY of my projects, but for two: the Lilly of the Valley shawl, which has 3.5 more repeats to go... and I'm going to run out of skein #1 of yarn any second now (skein #2 is inaccessible), and this ancient Pocahontas cross stitch which I picked up and have been stitching mindlessly on. That's the great thing about Disney kits, when you can find them: big, giant, heaping-meeping blocks of colors that both fly by and take forever. And might I just say that Pocahontas has HUGE thighs.


  1. Thanks for the plug and congrats on the house progress! Great thing about cross stitch, it is so easy to pick up and work on any time. Happy New Year!

  2. Love the doors!! And the raccoon is adorable.


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