Thursday, January 17, 2008

UFO count: Now 58!!

Out sick yesterday (and not up to even posting a tiny "I'm sick" squeak from home). Sort of better today; we'll see how long I last.

The tiny upside was that yesterday evening I was finally able to sit upright without whimpering, so I got about an hour of stitching in. Very slow stitching. And a touch of beading and embellishing. Thus, I finished my friend Deb's wedding sampler (only about a month late at this point! Woohoo!):

Now I know this isn't knitting, but knitting doesn't work so good with radiating neck pain (from the lovely almost-migrane). As long as one shoulder isn't moving, though, I'm OK, so cross-stitch won out for the day.

Back to knitting tomorrow. I'm thisclose to being finished with the first ball of yarn from LotVS!!

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  1. Love the wedding sampler, congrats on the finish.


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