Friday, January 25, 2008

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I was looking at my Get Things Done journal, and found my first entry for 2006. It's both sad and scary; I have the same goals, more or less, now, that I did then. All the stuff on the house for that year *did* get finished, and all the stuff on the 2007 also got finished (albeit in early 2008, but it's done now). Finances still scare me (but I'm closer to being completely out of debt than ever), I have started exercising yet again, and the needlework is getting ever more under control-ish.


Hey, I'm at 60 UFOs right now, and that'll change over the weekend for sure. I'm almost done with the "Amanda Scarf", and I'm under 1.5 away (officially now) from the end of the body of the Lilly of the Valley shawl. That shawl is actually starting to look long enough to be a shawl; sometime in the last repeat, it crossed from "this isn't gonna work" to "oooooo, this is gonna be pretty!". Have faith in the shawl; the shawl knows what it's doing.

I should also mention that soon after that first entry in 2006 (she says, jumping between subjects with wild abandon), I discovered I had gallstones. HUNDREDS of them, little tiny rocks filling my gall bladder. I *did* promptly lose 25 pounds, because I couldn't eat anything with even a trace of fat in it without pain. The one time I did, I keeled over in my boss's dad's office (the basis of the "nobody dies on my couch!" rule; that was a good thing, as my other boss keeled over the following week (she's fine), then me again the week after that - we're both fine now). I kinda regret that I didn't keep to the very low fat diet after my surgery that year; instead of gaining back the 25 pounds plus an extra five, I might have lost another 25 by now. I'm trying to go back to a much lower fat eating plan, and it's working - and much cheaper than eating out in the Very Expensive Chi-Chi neighborhood where I work!!

But you're here for pictures of yarn, so here they are for today:

The Amanda Scarf, on last ball of yarn - 2 pattern repeats left.

Close-up. Wow, this yarn doesn't lend well to seeing the pattern in a cameraphone photo.
It looks really good in real life, though.

I really like my size 9 acryllic needles. They're very shiny and happy!

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