Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sometimes, I have no willpower.

Stash, stash and more stash.

Last Friday, I accidentally bought two balls of shiny copper-colored stuff, planning to make a Travelling Rose Scarf from it.

[Remember, this was followed by Saturday's excursion that resulted in more balls of Paton's Rumor (now completely turned into an Amanda Hat, Scarf, Neckwarmer and Ear-Warmer) and the first ball of Paton's Lacette for the Travelling Rose Scarf.]

Thursday night, I accidentally bought a ball of Karabella Aurora 8 that matches my new winter jacket.

Friday night, giving up on any hope of getting past Stitch DC without more stuff, and since everything in the store is 20% off, I got: A second ball of Karabella Aurora 8 (I'm making another few Amanda things, eventually), the last ball of shiny-copper colored stuff (I'd missed it the Friday before), the last two Lorna's Laces "Country Christmas" skeins, and a set of size 2 Addi Lace circs for Secret of the Stole II.

Saturday morning, A.C. Moore had 25% off everything that wasn't on sale, so I got four pound-bags of Orange Cotton and four pound-bags of "unknown content" green boucle that looked exactly like Bernat Baby Boucle. I've already got the sweaters picked out for each, but I've not started either, since I'm not getting the yarn until my birthday. Then, off to Michael's, to get two more balls of Lacette for the Travelling Rose Scarf, since I seem to get just over 3 panels from one ball... and I need 13 panels (supposedly). I think it'll be plenty long enough at 8 or 9!

Saturday afternoon, since we were very, very close, my husband let me stop in at Aylin's Woolgatherer, and I found this:

It's eyebleed neon yellow, the exact color of the winter hat my husband wears. It's gonna be a very fluffy eyebleed hat, I think. (I'm super amused, because when I put it on the counter, one of the girls called to another: "I WIN!!" I can only guess that there'd been a bet as to whether or not that the two balls of eyebleed neon fluff would actually ever sell, even at the bargain price of a buck a ball.)

Lots and lots of yarny loot!! And this doesn't cover the pattern books I got, either. More on that tomorrow!

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  1. Heavy sigh. I hear ya sister. I also have this compulsion to buy yarn and give it a good home. I always have the best of intentions as well. Elizabeth


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