Friday, January 11, 2008

.... so how'd the *tiny* ball get there?

Well, I now have an account at Sanguine Gryphon. Hopefully, in another week, if my don't-spend-money plan goes well, I'll be able to buy my three balls of Gaia for Secret of the Stole II. Wheee! Yes, I know, I need more yarn like I need five kidneys, but I really like the cashmere/silk I'm doing Lilly of the Valley in, so I know I'd like it for SotS2. ...besides, it's pretty...

My boss-who-knits can be dangerous. She let me play with her Amazon Kindle. Yep, it's expensive. Yep, I'll have to save up for it. The timing of the "page turns" is about right for my reading speed, PLUS it does audiobooks, PLUS... and this I should've know but didn't... you can put KNITTING PATTERNS (*.pdf format) on it! I mean, there's over 200 Regency romances, at least half of which I don't already own (and don't have room for more!); mysteries for under $1, histories for under $1... and did I mention it's SD-card compatible (a must)? OMG. I totally have to get one of these. And there's heresay that *.pdf knitting patterns (of which there are many free, lovely examples on Ravelry) can be uploaded to the device, too. Just imagine... I'd know where my knitting patterns were. The mind boggles!

And I *am* still working on the Lilly of the Valley shawl. Less than 3 repeats left now (yaaaaay!), and there should be a S&B on Sunday (that should give me at least an hour, right?). I got the second skein of yarn balled up, and was somewhat disenheartened to discover it was actually THREE balls of yarn. The big one will be the edging for the shawl; the middle one will take over the bits of the body that skein #1 doesn't finish, and I guess I'll keep the teeny-tiny one for repairs. I understand that sometimes a ball will be the one that gets the first bit of one x-amount-of-yarn and the start of the next, but I'm having trouble figuring out how the itty-bitty third ball fits into the picture.

Cup-O-Shawl runneth over

Clearly, I'm going to have to follow the Yarn Harlot's suggestion and upgrade to a Mug-O-Shawl. Cup-O-Shawl just isn't big enough any more!


  1. I ordered some sock yarn from Sanguine Gryphon a while back... it's gorgeous stuff.

  2. You know, if you want... I'm having lunch with Gryphon herself on Sunday. Would you like me to retrieve your yarn for you so that it doesn't need to be shipped?


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