Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yarn Ring Tones

Got a lot of work done recently on Secret of the Stole II. I'm now on Hint #4, have parts of the pattern embedded in my brain (which makes things go quickly, at least!), and have made it to my second ball of Gaia. This one has much more blue than yellow in it (the first was the other way around), so I was a good bunny and spent twenty rows switching between balls every other row. I think the transition is working well (since both balls have lots of green, which was rather the point). Anyway, it's really pretty, and I've got a whole THREE WEEKS to finish the thing if I'm wearing it for Easter. (This decision to knit an occasionally tricky project insanely fast may have had something to do with my decision to up my UFO count by one by starting a nice, simple, fast crochet project Sunday afternoon. And not that SOTS-II is tricky at all, it just involves counting carefully, which is not my forte.)

Today, I give you something I actually wish existed: Yarn Ring Tones. I wish I could remember what search I was running when I got "yarn ring tones" as a result...!

I mean, imagine actually *knowing* that the yarn was calling you...!

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  1. I want one of those!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - the socks are a basic toe up short row heal and toe done on size 0 needles - I just have to start the logo and the # and I will be posting more pictures soon


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