Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lace, lace and MORE lace!!

Holy cats, you gotta see this. Miss Alice Faye's blog - oh my heavens. Just *look* at that amazing lace over there! I'm totally in awe. Wowzers. I wanna knit lace like that when *I* grow up!! Even more amazing, the Flickr photoset she's got. Wow, wow, wow!!! She's done a couple of doilies, the patterns for which can be found for free at YarnOver.Net (my new favorite lace site!). Oooooooo! I've just *got* to finish a couple of projects this week, I've just got to! I have some Lacy Lamb that *really* wants to turn into a doily (or six)!!

And, just because, a pic of my Shiny New Backpack I got from my bro in Seattle. In my favorite colors, and monogrammed, yet! (Today's the first day I've used it.)

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