Monday, March 31, 2008

Yarn and Taxes

Cool online knitting tool of the day, in case you missed it: Interweave's Curvy Waist-Shaping Calculator! All that nasty math, done in a nice, logical way by the computer. No more pulling-out-your-hair over fractions! No more trying to guess how many rows to decrease! Yaaaay! (And I'm not excited *just* because I'm about two days away from working on the body of Titania. Really.)

Finally got the right flash-drive hooked to the right SD card, so here's my post-Lenten stash haul, in picture form (because that's WAY more fun):

The last skein of Country Christmas colorway
and some cute size 1 straights I've been wanting.

Point protectors, which I need,
a row counter that works on circular needles,
which I need, and purple and green
stitch markers, just because.

And, also just because, another picture of my Nutkin sock. No, I haven't suddenly learned to knit at super-speeds, this is the first sock. It's just the best picture thus far for actually representing the colorway of the little darling, so I'm posting. Plus, I love this sock, I'm so proud of myself! (And the second one actually *is* underway!)

I did *not* get to go to the Yarn Party yesterday, as I had hoped, but the deal with myself was "if you get the taxes done, you can go." Yarn Party was at 2pm; taxes were done around 6pm. I didn't quite make it, but I'm still alive and nobody elsedied, which are all possibilities when I'm forced to confront my financial neuroses. (I'm still calling them neuroses; the fact that I actually get through financial stuff, when forced, means it's not a full-blown psychosis yet. So there.)

Tomorrow, pics of Saturday's trip to Aylin's Woolgatherer!

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  1. You deserve a great shopping trip! I'm proud of you for being so faithful to your lenten commitment.


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