Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Miscellany

Finally got to Sweet Life last night, and it was great to see everyone again. Also managed to pick up the stitches on the ENTIRE edge of the Travelling Roses Now-it's-a-Shawl, and between that and my commute in (plus being driven about in the morning), I'm actually on the THIRD row of what I figure will be about twenty to twenty-four of ruffly shawl edging. Which, I should add, I'm completely winging as I go. Hopefully it will (a) work and (b) be done by Easter. It's going to be a very Easter-y shawl.

Signs I really need to make to put in front of my desk at work, so I could just knit and people would leave me alone without bringing me any of that "work" stuff:

In the things-on-TV-that-are-nifty-and-I-want-one-department, one of the Entertainment Tonight reporters had a killer chartreuse dress last week. Sadly, I could only get this blurry photo in time, as the A/V system hasn't been finished yet. But it's enough that I'll be able to probably make one for myself. Scary thing? I've already got the chartreuse spandex on hand.

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