Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Knitting the Web...

Another wonderful thing I found out there: Silver's Sock Class - Two Toe Up Socks on One Circular Needle Tutorial. Very, very thorough. As soon as I finish my Hackiebuttie (or some other project), I'm going to try making a pair of socks *this* way. Which will help make a second, slightly more complicated pair of socks later... Yay!!

Have I mentioned that I'm a bit of a yarn addict all of a sudden, especially now that I can't buy? To the point that the girls at the local Stich DC were wondering if I'd broken my foot again (the last time I went weeks without wandering in to at least say "hi" was the Haagen-Daaz Ankle Incident of May, 2007). They understood (sort of) "giving up Yarn Buying for lent", knew to ask if the prohibition included yarn-related items (it does), and also understood that I'll be ordering my own umbrella swift on Tuesday, March 25 (the first day they're open after five pm after Easter). Thankfully, they also understood that "no yarn swift, but yarn" constituted an emergency, and Friday night, wound up my next ball of Gaia for me. This made SOTS-II go much more smoothly over the weekend. (While my husband has, once, sat still and acted as a yarn swift of sorts, I'm not forseeing getting him to do this again before Easter. And there's two balls of Gaia left to wind between here and Easter, if I want that shawl done.)

Oooo, fun things to go to: Camp Stitches in White Eagle, NY! I seriously seriously thought about going, since it's not that far from my Dad, and it'd be a nice summer vacation... but for my kid sister is getting married that very weekend, and if I'm not in Florida for that, I'm dead.

And did you see the Ulla shawl in the Daily Chum? (English translation here.) I have some lovely sunset-colored yarn that's SO going to happen there. After I've finished 20 or so OTHER UFOs first, of course.

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