Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Learn to Knit On-Line (...and in Finnish)!

For Cindy, Quilter Extrordinaire (and anyone thinking "gee, knitting looks fun!"), here's a list of various on-line resources for learning to knit:
  1. Lion Brand Yarn probably has the most extensive and detailed set of instructions: The Learn To Knit Tutorial. Assumes one is very new to yarncraft, and carefully explains EVERYTHING. I like this one best. There's even an option to download the entire set of instructions as a PDF file (it's 60 pages long, FYI).
  2. has videos that explain everything with visuals, which is a huge help for lots of folks. I'm a fan of tutorial videos.
  3. The Yarn Company has a quick basic lesson that starts with "make a slip knot"... which is really a good place to start. You'll learn enough to make a fun scarf, for certain!
As long as we're on the topic of fun on-line knitting resources, last week, I discovered I need to learn Finnish. Now, mind you, I could cheat HORRIBLY by wandering down the block to the Swedish embassy and asking for a translation, since Swedish/Finnish is rather like Spanish/Portugese (close enough that someone fluent in one can probably get by in the other), but I'd much rather figure things out on my own and then casually be knitting from a Finnish pattern before being spotted by the Embassy's super-knitter (who is really the person I'd have to ask, since most English-speakers don't understand English knitting patterns, so accosting one of the kids over for the term would only result in tears and possible ill will between our nations).

Why the Finnish, you ask? Because, if I finish the three lace projects I really should finish any time soon, my next pattern is the Aquila Shawl by Sari Astrom from Ulla. (Add lots of umlauts on her last name, I don't know how to code for them yet.) Thankfully, I found Yarnover's list of translations for knitting terms, one chart of which deals with Finnish/English translations.

Because I need more pictures on here, here's the Stitch DC in Georgetown.There are little knitted-chick egg covers in the window. V. Cute!

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  1. Thanks for all the links. I'm going to read them all then I will pick up the supplies.


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