Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here we go again...

The wonders of no willpower and a short attention span: I start projects like... um... I breathe.
Easily, and without thought.

The Culprit: Elizabeth Klett's Titania sweater, for spring. (Hey, she said it was lovely for spring. Can't argue with the designer!) The first batch of sock "test yarn" for the Sekrit Projikt was worsted, thus didn't work at all (I've since replaced it with sock yarn)... so it's been sitting on my hope chest, mocking me, and making me notice it time and time again. And, as luck would have it, I just happen to know where my size six straights are right now. (This being written Tuesday afternoon.)

The Victim: My UFO count, which, after a brief flirtation with the number 57, has scooted its skirts back up to 58.

The Aftermath:

Something approaching a sleeve. Or a back. Or something. We'll see how quickly it shapes up into something (which will be abandoned once Spring has passed and I still don't have a sweater). The math on this one (to make it actually fit me) is giving me, well, fits, but I'll make it. I'm a bright, brave Gryphon, and numbers don't scare me.

Back up to 58, dagnabit.
Melanie M. Seward-Rolle

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  1. That yarn is yummy. Please come teach me to knit.


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