Friday, March 21, 2008

Mutant Bunnies and other signs of Spring

'Tis the season for cute little bunnies... thus, everyone should make a Mutant Bunny Hat. I know I will (eventually)...and really, everyone needs a Mutant Bunny Hat. (I just have a normal bunny hat, now.)

'Tis also the season for springtime colors. Here's my first finished bit of Titania - a sleeve. Yes, I learned long ago that if I want a sweater, I really should knit the sleeves first. (This, sadly, isn't possible for The Cat Sweater, since I have to go from the arm-steeks down. *sigh* This is why I still don't have The Cat Sweater as a wearable object.)

Titania, one sleeve down...

I'm enjoying working on this pattern; I used a variation on the cuff lace for the edging on my Travelling Roses Scarf/Shawl (i.e., I started with that, then added stitches hither and thither to make it extra-puffy). Hopefully, the shawl will be done by Easter, and I'll have pics next week.

Now, because they're pretty, I give you my Birfday Daffodils:

And, okay, because I'll be getting older soon.

I neither took nor posted the pic on my *actual* birthday, because I'm a mite paranoid, and because anyone who knows me has the date scorched in their brains due to the Great UFO Arrival Party of 1991. (The daffodils in that spot have been sprouting around my birthday since before I could actually manage to say "birthday" properly, hence the "birfday".)


  1. ah a sure sign of spring! And happy birthday, whenever it is :)

  2. I never thought of knitting the sleeves first. Why are two sleeves so much more agonizing that two socks?


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