Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nutkin Progress

Well, not quite so many loot pictures today as planned; I can't figure out how to get my USB port to stop trying to map the USB device to drive F (which is already assigned) and go instead to E, as it should (and as the other one does when *it* gets installed). *sigh* So, today, Nutkin Sock progress, and the really cute little Rural Chick stitch holder I got at Stitch DC Tuesday night. (Not finding a website for Rural Chick, drat!).

First, the sock at around 8pm last night, before the three-hour conversations with folks out west I haven't heard from in a dog's age:

Not crazy about the way taking pics of my own feet makes my calves look fat.

I've just started the short-row toe this morning, so should have one sock by the end of the day. Woohooo! I'm really liking my little Rural Chick stitch holder, too.

Useful *and* a cute little flag ribbon!
Plus, this pic more representative of Actual Colorway.

More photos tomorrow, maybe, although our computer guy is on a skiing vacation this week, so possibly not.

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