Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Unexpected Sock

In the I-have-no-willpower-and-people-musn't-give-me-irresistable-yarn Department: there was a slight hiccup in the Not-starting-new-projects Department. The irresistable yarn was Scholler&Stahl Fortissima Socka, in the pictured colorway (needs must improve my German, methinks). #0013, lot# 62157, 60% superwash wool, %25% bamboo, 15% polyamide. Feels only a wee bit scratchy! (For me, anything with "wool" and "not instantly itching all over" being unconnected is a relatively new development.)

A nascent Nutkin sock.

Now, this is a nifty little sock, and I love the way it starts... mostly because with a few slight alterations (okay, huge alterations), something similar might work for my Sekrit Projikt. And make all the problems I was having with said Sekrit Projikt go away - YAY!


  1. I have to ask:

    is there something I can help you with on your Sekrit Project? I've done a lot of this type of knitting and might have something useful to offer.

    L, who edits your patterns and is general knitting brain

  2. Nature's Yarns is doing a bus. It's $45. I will post all the info tonight on my blog.

  3. I love the yarn! Gotta learn how to knit.


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