Friday, March 28, 2008

One Sock down...

Last night, I finished my Nutkin Sock! As near as I can tell, a "three-needle bind-off" is what I usually do to seam my sweaters at the shoulders. I just use a crochet hook, and it's about ten times faster than using three needles. But I tried it As Directed, so I can at least say I did it properly once.

One Sock, Right.

I've already turned the cuff of the second sock, so it should be done soon(ish) - the Nutkin pattern goes very quickly, and as the toe of Sock #1 went speedily compared to the heel (where I was figuring out the short-row-heel instructions), I figure this second heel and toe will be very quick, indeed.

This weekend, assuming I finish my taxes, I'm going to start going through the Giant Room Full of UFOs, and figure out (a) better storage methods and (b) what I'm actually going to finish of what I've started. I'm actually hoping, I think, that my taxes take a while...


  1. I'm with you on finishing up some of those UFOs. I have so many I could cry!

    That socks looks amazing! Great job : )


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