Thursday, March 6, 2008

Facing Reality

First, I actually got to spend almost an HOUR knitting at work this morning. Our Florida Guy (moved for health reasons, telecommutes every day - from next to his swimming pool) is back for three days to train us on Evil Computer Interface X. (Not that I feel strongly about learning about it or anything.) My computer was the only one that had enough space around it *and* memory to get a class in to learn it - of which I wasn't a part. So I sat further down the room and knitted! Woohoo!!

Second, I appear to have gone from the 10% of humans-post-gallbladder that can eat bloody anything I want, and have gone to the 10% who can't eat *any* fat without a bad reaction. How do I know this? No fat (for the reflux) for two weeks now, until lunch today. (We took out Florida Guy to the bar down the street.) Had a tasty Reuben and fries - and only ate half the sandwich, and maybe 10 fries (and an onion ring), since I didn't want to push my luck. That was around 1pm. I was fine until 2pm... and I've been paying for it ever since.

Drat. Next thing, I'm going to find out they've stopped making yarn!

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