Friday, March 7, 2008

Knitting and Crochet - actual progress!

I'm getting picky about my knitting, especially if other (and better) knitters might see it. To wit: I have frogged the same twenty rows of the Secret of the Stole II three times now. (Finally, I got it right this morning, and can now proceed as charted.) The second re-knit, I came up with a workable cluge... but the little center medallion wasn't going to look like all the other little center medallions. And since it's the one that starts a chain of the dratted things, it really should try to look like the rest, right? The wonkiness at the edges of the shawl, thankfully, can be straightened out during blocking (I hope). And hopefully the knitting will pick up pace one of these days, if I'm actually going to wear this thing for Easter!! Thankfully, I'm halfway through Hint #4 in the last three days, and about to get back to the easy/less counting part of the stole.

I'm really glad I decided to switch every other row between the yarn balls, as the second has so much more blue... but by doing that, it's gradual, and I really like the way it flows from one dominant color to the next.


The Hackebeutel (sp? Hackiebuttie!) is also coming along nicely. I've finished making the squares, and I've joined the first row together with a seaming I like (squares back to back and chain through back loops). Repeat three times, then join the four rows, edge, add handles, and I'm done! Then I'm totally making another one with a striping yarn of some sort. Wheee!


  1. I love the blue variegation in your stole too! Great job!

  2. loving your SOTS2. your yarn color is so pretty. my edges are a bit wonky as well. I just began hint 5, I am so behind. that's what happens when I have too many things on the hooks and needles! :o)


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