Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crocheter's Prayer

One of the really *phenomenally* good crocheters I know just happens to work where I do. She's started a crochet class during lunch, since several (okay, all) of the girls at work have expressed interest in learning, and I pretend to help (mostly by finding videos on the internet). One of the girls said that she really needed a "Crocheter's Prayer", and much to my surprise, there wasn't really anything to *help* crocheters, more "I make this thinking of you, and putting my prayers and love into it as I go". So, to meet the need, I wrote the following:

Prayer for the New Crocheter

Now I sit down to crochet,
I have a scarf to make today.
Just ten more rows I have to go -
Because my teacher told me so.

Now I sit down to crochet,
To finish up, while it's still "day."
The hook won't work, the loops fall free!
This scarf will be the death of me!

Now I sit down to crochet,
I pray the Lord my yarn won't fray,
And if I stop before I'm done
I must remember
"it's for fun"!

One of the girls responded back immediately with:

Teacher, Teacher show Me which way -
You say 2 loops, 10 loops
My chain won't stay;
Teacher, Teacher HELP me Today
All I want to do is learn to CROCHET!

For REALLY COOL IDEAS, this is a great one for this time of year: Knit-Your-Own Espadrilles from flipflop bottoms!

Tomorrow, pics of all the loot from my It's-Not-Lent and My-Birthday-Has-Passed shopping frenzy at Stitch DC!

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