Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sideways progress

I've heard more than one knitter say "Well, I read a lot of blogs... except I'm really just looking at the pictures." This is why I try to add pictures to every entry, even if they're slightly strange. For example: remember when you were a little kid, and something like TWO forks accidently inserted in a plastic package that was only supposed to contain one was almost like magic? I've never really gotten past that, so, last weekend, I had to take a photo of our find at the local Chick-Fil-A:

Magic Siamese Forks!

Since I realize that these photo-inclined knitters are actually expecting photos of things relating to the fiber arts, if not actual knitting, I'll throw in some of that, too.

Here's the Tiger Eye Shawl at the end of lunch yesterday...

...and hanging out in its bag so you can actually SEE the colors.

Check out my cool pattern-keeping system. When I'm sitting down on the train, the pattern is right where I can see it. And, since I actually knitted on the train, and then again once I got home for unwinding, plus on the ride in in the morning, here's where it sits this morning:

Okay, so this should totally be a photo of a half-wound ball of Claudia Handpainted silk lace, sitting on its little makeshift cardboard core, with two lovely fancy-ended 16" size 6 bamboo needles placed artfully through said makeshift cardboard core, and the other half of the skein, yet unwound, draped artfully around it, all on a lovely carved-granite block in the bright early-morning sunshine. The colors are intense, the composition dramatic, the lighting excellent. It's a really, really good yarn photo, suitable for framing, even. Or it would be... if I hadn't left my phone, and thus my camera, at home today!!

Really, there's progress. Um. Sorta. I'll be able to knit it back faster without having to carefully unloop the yarn from the skein as I go, and on the slightly smaller needles. That's progress, right?

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  1. You find the prettiest yarns. Beautiful colors.


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