Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wizard Chess Tournament!

This announcement went up yesterday at Hogwarts!
For all Students spending their holiday break at Hogwarts we are having a Wizard’s Chess Tournament.
Players choose WIPs they’d like to finish and give them points based on how hard/much work it will be to finish them.
Pawns - 1
Rooks - 2
Knights/Bishops - 4
King/Queen - 5
Any combination of pieces up to a total of 10 points. Players with the most points (for completed WIPs) will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

Before December 10th, create a post listing: your WIPs, before pics, and what piece they represent.
To turn in finished WIPs for points: post pictures of your completed WIPs and a running total of your current score.

Tournament runs until 12:00 noon December 31st POT. (cut off is early because no one should be spending New Years Eve knitting WIPs) All WIPs are welcome. Standard Ravelry crafts (knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning)
Examples of each – these are just guidelines; you are the best judge of how much work is left to complete your WIP.
Pawns – This should be a little bit of work (an hour or two): kitchenering sock toes, weaving in ends or sewing on buttons
Rooks – This should be more than just tucking in a few ends (two to five crafting hours): sewing up a sweater, weaving in ends on a fair isle sweater (cause that’s a LOT of ends)
Knights/Bishops – This should be a fairly substantial amount of work (five to ten crafting hours): finishing the dreaded second sock, second mitten, button bands on a cardigan
King/Queen – This should be a lot of work (more than 10 hours): finishing knitting on a sweater (at least sleeves left), edging for lace shawl
Well, since you've probably figured out I'm motivated by points, here's what I put in for the Tournament:

CraftyGryphon, Slytherin, about-to-be-Third Year - WIZARD CHESS. Calling all my likely possible points; we'll see how many I actually end up with!

Before: (at post #108 [Rav Link])

What: Unfinished HMC Thanksgiving Bunny
Needs: Ears, Brightly-colored Tailfeathers
Rank, Points: Pawn, 1
Expected Time: Less than 1 Hour
What: Unfinished HMC Christmas Jackelope
Needs: Ears, Antlers, Bright Red Nose
Rank, Points: Pawn, 1
Expected Time: Less than 1 Hour
What: Unfinished HMC New Year's Bunny
Needs: Ears, Diaper, "2011" Sash
Rank, Points: Pawn, 1
Expected Time: Less than 1 Hour
What: Hello Kitty Illusion Scarf
Needs: Finish Star block, do entire HK block; *carefully* line up and sew back and front together, add fringe
Rank, Points: Rook, 2
Expected Time: Approximately three to four hours
What: "Block Eight" Castle Block
Needs: Everything but the first row, which is already done
Rank, Points: Rook, 2
Expected Time: Approximately three to four hours (due to having to adhere STRICTLY to gauge I must go slowly!)
What: Unfinished Tilting Tardis Shrug (original October Transfig assignment, swapped out for an Owl hat)
Needs: pickup of the entire border (600+ stitches), k1p1 for 30 rows, add collar (not sure how that's going to work), cuffs & buttons
Rank, Points: Knight, 4
Expected Time: Approximately eight to ten hours - 30 rows of k1p1 is the "fun, easy" part!
What: Unfinished Serpentine Valentine Socks (November CoMC)
Needs: Well, an entire colorwork knee-sock, plus another colorwork knee-sock, minus one cuff.
Rank, Points: Queen, 5
Expected Time: 20 hours? At least? Did I mention they're going to be KNEEsocks? And sparkly?
What: Hearts Pi Shawl
Needs: A LOT. Like, TONS of stitches. Thousands and thousands of stitches. On little eensy-tiny needles, yet!
Rank, Points: King, 5. I get this one, I call dibs on CHECKMATE!!!
Expected Time: **WEEKS.** If I actually pull this off in a month, I'll be very sad I didn't save it for a class next term!

(The fact that this list seems reasonable to me right now probably explains how I've Ultimate Quested two terms in a row.)

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