Friday, December 10, 2010

"But I have to finish - I've got a blog post due!"

First up, for the stitchers out there: my friend M sent me a link to the HowAboutOrange blog (SO following this one now!), which, in turn, had a link to adorable Printable Cards for Embroidery Thread from Wild Olive. Check 'em out!!

Next up, a finished object: my little snowflake lace whatever-it-is. It was going to be a mobius-thing, but I found some cute little star buttons and was getting close to running out of yarn, so viola - it has buttons!

It's about 16" long, unblocked (and I'm not planning on blocking it), and very warm and fuzzy.

Here's my very best future-Hogwarts-professor look. The Slytherin glasses really help with the effect, no? (Well, ok, maybe not. I'm not as good at taking pictures of myself w/o a mirror as my cousin is.)

There's just enough yarn left to put in a shiny paper clip and keep in my desk as emergency stash. Because, for some reason, my desk felt empty without yarn in it.

But hey, one finish for December, either way!!

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  1. That yarn is so silky looking! Really nice! I did a snowflake lace pattern a couple of times.. and boy! Lace is kinda hard!


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