Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who? Hat - just int time!

*Phew!* I did, in fact, manage to finish my dad's hat before Chirstmas Morning. (If "12:37 a.m. December 25" counts as "before", that is.) It got tricky when I went to add the eyes: they're meant to go in small, plush animals, not hats. Even hacking off the absurdly long anchor stems (good in toys, bad in hats) left something that might scratch a tender pate, so I needed to plushify it quickly. I hit on knitting on a little pocket-strip. First, I knit, just garter stitch, a strip long enough to cover the eyes.

I then anchored it on three sides, making a nice little pocket.

The pocket was then stuffed with just enough polyfill to make the pointy-things non-pointy, with enough cushion around that even if they did attempt re-pointyness, they just plain couldn't do it.

The bonus is that the only visible effect on the outside of the hat is that the little owl that has eyes (just one of the eleven) sticks out a bit - which, really, is the point of giving it eyes in the first place. I kinda wish I'd remembered to take a photo of the finished hat before I wrapped it... whups!

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