Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm probably going to make it under 40 UFOs/WIPs/Projects Going At Once this year... and just barely. As I write this on Thursday (anticipating lack of internet on Friday, when this will post), I have exactly 40 projects on The List, and one is getting close to finished. It's the Quilt Block from the Super-Mysterious Ghost of Slytherins Past that I roped myself into last term. I really, really should have it finished now; I've knit enough rows. I've also frogged about half that number, leaving me about 2/3 of the way to the finish line as of the end of lunch yesterday. To wit:

I've got help, of course. Meet my new friend, Nesbit (Nessie for short. Yes, we know "Nessie" is just as long as "Nesbit", but that's what she likes to be called.) She violates my household's Rule of Plush (get a New Stuffed Plush Critter, lose an old stuffed plush critter), so she actually lives in my backpack for now, which is TOTALLY not my house.

She's a lot like a cat, I've discovered: she likes curling up and sitting on whatever it is I'm trying to read or knit. At least she doesn't chase yarn balls... yet. Anyway, I'm hoping to finish (or, if it's NOW, hoping I have already finished) this quilt square, which will put me at 39 UFOs for the beginning of 2011. If I can manage any sort of internet access, I'll attempt an update post later in the day!

Nesbit (and I ) wishes you a Very Happy New Year!!

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  1. 40 WIPS! Wow! I can't handle more than five or six things going at the same time.


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