Monday, December 6, 2010

NOT Wizard Chess

So, as it turns out, one can only post 10 points worth of stuff for Wizard Chess to begin with - not Post All The Things, and then try to finish 10 points' worth. Oh well - 10 points isn't enough pressure to actually make me do anything. So, I must create MY OWN PRESSURE!!!

Why yes, I am a tad deadline-driven. Why do you ask?

Anyway, here's the CraftyGryphon List of Potential December Finishes. Each is worth "one EX point" - aka each thing finished is a thing off The List. Remember The List?
Already On The List (Added Last Term):
Thanksgiving Bunny
Christmas Jackelope
New Year's Bunny
Tilting Tardis Shrug
Serpentine Valentine Socks

Newly Added To The List:
Pi Hearts Shawl
Block Eight Castle Blanket Block

Been On The List So Long It's Not Funny Anymore:
Hello Kitty Scarf
Stripe #4 of the Monster Yarn Project
Dragon Illusion Blanket #2
Beaded Mohair Peacock Scarf (still missing, btw)

About To Be Added:
TKGA Level I Master Hand Knitting, take #2
Trilobite toy
Swatching for Muggle Studies OWL (Whistler Sweater)
Swatching for Ancient Runes OWL (Peacock Buffet Scarf/Table Runner)
There. That's potentially 11 things OFF THE LIST (swatches don't count), which would actually bring me (gasp!!!) into the THIRTIES. Yes, I could actually have UNDER 40 UFOs at the start of 2011!!

Here's my Progress On Things over the weekend:

Pi Hearts Shawl - already out to the "288-stitch" part - just 50 rows, and I'll be up to the 576-stitch rows, and then, heck, I'll be done! (Note the sarcasm. Why did I start something so complicated to "relax"? You don't wanna know how often I've had to frog a row. Thank heavens for stich markers and row counters!!)

A pretty little ball of mohair/viscose Schulana Mosco followed me home yesterday. It's going to be a snowflake-ish smoke ring mobius. I'm cheating the mobius-ness, but since I've gotten really good at grafting things together, and I've figured out how to stage the reversed-side repeats, it should go together, er, seamlessly. Hope to have it done by the end of the week, as it's gotten COLD out.

Yeah. Respond to The List by adding to it... that's how I roll!


  1. Is that this pi hearts shawl?

    If so, and you can do that in a month.... I'd wait. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I'm thinking I probably can't do it in a month - I just had terribly bad startitis at the beginning of December!!


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