Thursday, December 9, 2010

The weather's frightful; where's my delightful fire?

Well, we've had five straight days with the nights well below freezing and quite a few of the days. This means, among other things, that certain Signs That It's Really Winter are starting to appear.

For one, the canal is frozen over, which means that the local college kids have started to throw things at it from the brigdges above. (This is incredibly annoying; either they're throwing trash, which shouldn't go in the water, or they're prying up bricks from the bridges/walkways to throw in - which means there are giant ankle-breaking gaps in said bridges walkways. Idiots, the lot of them.)

More literal signs have started - this is the annual "Ice Falling From Roof" notice that appears nearby - and is usually pummeled by falling ice.

We still haven't gotten snow here, though. Sunday, however, looks good for it!

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