Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will Run for TV

At some point over the weekend, my husband looked at me with his beautiful storm-grey eyes (fringed with those unfairly long lashes that guys seem to get), and somehow suckered me into starting my exercise regieme again. He firmly espouses the idea that, if you're indoors working out, it goes a lot faster if you've got something fun to watch on the telly. And he knows most of my weaknesses, such as they are. Thus, he had appropriate bait: Season One of ABC's Castle.

If you're a fan of Stana Katic or Nathan Fillion, it's brillant. If you haven't a clue who either of them is, or what else they've done, it's still brilliant. If you've read either of Richard Castle's best-selling Nikki Heat books (Yes, a ficitional author has bestselling books; yes, I own and have read both of them), it's still brilliant.
Can you tell I love the series? Given a chance to watch it, with the limitation that I can ONLY watch it if I'm actually doing real, live, Jillian-Michaels aprroved exercise...

... I will actually exercise. Finally, an exercise bribe that actually works!!

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