Tuesday, December 21, 2010

...er, don't touch that dial!

Um... forgot the SD card again today. Something about lots and lots of OT yesterday. (If I'd managed to stay awake for an hour after I got home, I would've been able to see the eclipse; we weren't clouded over here. I just couldn't - too tired!) So, here's a fun pic from the breakfast place up the stairs:

Yep, Han & Cheese. (Pretty much sums up "Return of the Jedi"...)

And here's a pretty shot of the Airships that used to grace the big mall nearby. No airships this year, so I don't feel quite so foolish for taking photos whenever this was. Because I like airships (and hey, they're making a comeback).

Really, tomorrow, I remember to bring in the card with the knitting photos!!

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