Friday, December 17, 2010

C is for "Cookie!!"

So, it's a week until Christmas. According to the Post Office, I've missed the deadline for normal-rate packages getting anywhere before the day (it was Wednesday), but I can still make the Card Deadline (Monday). The only people that might expect an on-time present are my nieces & nephew out in Michigan - but I'm pretty sure we've been late before. (We've also been super-early, but that's when they were all much younger and ZOMG PRESENTS!!!!!!! would make their entire day. Plus, I haven't got much for them this year, it's been so insane. Still, I'd like to get that package in the mail this weekend - I'm fine with shipping it Express if I must.)

Now, ask me how much knitting I've gotten finished.

If you guessed "Half a hat brim, and three-and-a-half glass cozies", you'd be right (and possibly psychic, because that's a pretty odd answer). Part of the reason is the OT at work (hey, I was home by 9pm last night!! Woohooo! And I only started at 7:30 in the morning!), and part of the reason is cookies.

You see, every year, when work has The Holiday Luncheon and Traditional Yankee Gift Exchange, I take a bunch of litte gingerbread cookies, frost 'em, and give them eyes and gumdrop buttons, wait for the frosting to set, then baggie them & tie with bows. Then, wearing reindeer antlers, I scamper around the firm, and leave one for everyone who isn't diabetic.

No, really!

They look like this:

Right now, I've got four left under my desk, because the younger guys *always* ask for an extra, "if I have one". I've learned to have one (or two...or four). To keep something vaguely knitting-related going (since there's no actual knitting to show), I've decided on my initial third-year Ravatar, if I sort Slytherin. I'm going to play around with it some more, especially since I now have different glasses. I suppose I *could* just do one from scratch, but I like the Hogwarts options over at

Hopefully, by Monday, I'll have all sorts of finished knitting to show you!

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