Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Open Letter to My Socks

Dearest lovely Serpentine Valentine Sparkly Socks: I adore you, truly I do. Know that really, someday you will be more than just a Right Cuff. It's almost time to start your green, and as you know, shortly thereafter, there will be sparkly silver snakes all over you. It's just that... well.

I don't quite know how to break this to you, so I'll put it bluntly: There's someone else.

I sort of started this...
But need to frog and reknit

Specifically, there's a knitted trilobite, a Who? hat, and eight to twelve glass cozies that have a much tighter deadline - especially the glass cozies, which need to be in the mail tomorrow. You see, there's mailing deadlines, and then wrapping deadlines - I'm sure you understand. It doesn't mean that I love you any less, of course, and please, please understand that this is just one of those temporary things - I won't even be keeping any of those other projects, and you, I'll keep forever.

Must make a larger version for my Dad

I just can't work on you right now. I know, I know, it's cruel - I keep picking you up, and then putting you back down. And, in fairness, I haven't even *started* any of those other projects - even the eight to twelve glass cozies that have to be in the mail tomorrow. I'm not treating you fairly, and it's through no fault of your own. You are an awesome sock... er, cuff... er... well, you understand.

Finished, but going to someone else;
Need to knit at least 8 more

It's not you, dearest lovely Serpentine Valentine Sparkly Socks.

It's me.

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