Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Virtual Shopping Spree, continued...

More from the shopping trip...

Extra bonus entry, since I didn't post this past Monday!

Sarah Leigh knows I'm a sucker for All Things Peacock. This little chart came in, and was just sitting there, all in innocence, in the rack. I'm hoping I didn't deafen all the other patrons when I found it.

The "Fall Back" is a bonus find; the Fuzzy Stuff is all I had planned to buy.

Then, also innocently, were some Needlepoint Silks that someone had pulled out of the cabinet, and no one had had a chence to put back. Look, peacock colors!! So, had to get them. Plus, Carrie's Creations just started dyeing silk floss... and since it's in peacock colors yet again, I had to get some.

The left photo shows the intensity of the colors better; the one on the right shows the differences in tone better. I need a better place to photograph things in my house...! Anyway, this little Peacock Sampler will be a quick stitch-up... someday! And it's gonna be lovely when it's done!!


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