Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cross-Stitch Filler!

As proof of my PADD, I show you this lovely phoenix (design by "Who Knew!?"), which is presently about half-again more stitched than it was before. (I made a personal-use copy of the chart to mark up with hideous lime-green washable Crayola marker; this helped a lot.) And, having gotten a lot of the red stitches and orange stitches on one side finished... I once again lost interest. (Mostly because my kit from Sanguine Gryphon showed up, and had the bestest sock ever in it...)

Also, I've been not-quite-sick-enough to dodge work, but not well enough to actually spend much time knitting. I think I've done a whopping five rows on the sock since Sunday night - and that's *all* the crafting I've been doing. Hence, photos of things that I was saving in case I had a day with no material to post.

Like today.

Don't worry, I'll be putting together Yarn on Thursday in between bouts of Banking and Stock Market Panic at work this afternoon!


  1. Thank you for the "Sanguine Gryphon" Shop..oh my I better get more creative & get though socks done so I can try lace...


  2. The cross stitch pic looks great. I still need to do some work on mine but I can tell that isn't happening anytime soon. :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back to those awesome socks. I have still yet to work on any designs in any of the ones I have made. Maybe one day.



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