Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Report: More Winter!

Quick Newsflash: The Groundhog Saw His Shadow. Sorry about that, for those of you who are just about done with having this "winter" thing around by now. Now, on to the weekend recap...

Things I did:

Helped my mom move a ton of furniture at her house. I mean that literally. A TON.

Cleaned the entire back room and turned it around for winter, so I can now actually watch football in my skivvies without turning blue, should I so desire. This beats the previous six-layers-of-clothing plus a hat and two blankets approach.

Look at how shiny I got my floor!!!!!

Paid bills.

Got another set of magnetic letters, just because, and was inordinately thrilled to discover that many of the letters came in a different color than in the first set.

Talked to friends I had not talked to in far too long.

Successfully wore my CPAP mouthgear-thing all night for the first time ever. I'm not sure I slept, but by golly, the damned thing stayed on for at least six hours!

Things I did not:

Block my homework for TKGA Basics, Basics, Basics. Given that I knocked out the swatches in the first two days after I got my packet, this is getting close to unforgivable. I mean really - I have everything I need. Why haven't I done it?

Finish anything. I've got two cross stitch pieces, a quilt, and a Knitted Thing pretty darned close to done, and I had an entire SuperBowl (although it was kinda short) to finish something. So, naturally, I worked on something else entirely.

Go to work on the weekend to deal with The Files From Hell. (Sadly, my husband did have to work. On Sunday. He made it home just after kickoff, though.)

Exercise in any official way (I count moving 2,000 pounds of furniture up and down stairs as exercise!), but the floor in the back room is now set up to re-plug in the PS2, so DDR will be starting again this week!

Hm. That's actually not so bad, really!

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