Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stuff I got, stuff I want...

Last Friday, I was released from work and ran to The GAP, where they had one (1) of the sweaters I wanted left in my size. I forked over actual cash, in an amount that, previously in the year bought me four pairs of jeans, a t-shirt and two new messenger bags. I don't buy first-run mall clothes very often, can you tell? But I just had to. I mean... it's ARGYLE. In hot pink, orange and yellow. On a soft heather background. I saw it in the window two weeks ago, and was hoping they wouldn't be gone by the time I got there, and they weren't!! (Plus, in DC - no tax on clothing right now!)

The Sweater

Me wearing same, with halo

In the things-I-want-but-really-just-can't-justify, I think I've found this year's winner: a set of size 1 STERLING SILVER dpns from Celtic Swan. Oh, they're lovely, and they'd be sooooooo useful, since if it's a sock or glove, I and my loose gauge knitting style will be using size 1 dpns.

(Shoulder Devil: "Oh, so pretty!"
Shoulder Angel: "Oh, you so don't need them!"
Shoulder Devil: "OH, SO PRETTY....!")

Fortunately, there's the much more affordable (and practical) Keychain Crochet Hook from Scout Swag.

Although.... my broken G Crystalite could be filed off and drilled.... hmmmmm.... (No, you don't want to know how I broke a nigh-indestructible acryllic crochet hook. You really don't.)

And, just because, today's t-shirt, with the phonecam:

Yeah, I got my Ravelry swag.


  1. I had Celtic Swan needles in bronze and LOST THEM. I was just sick. I can't buy another set until my kids all move out. The texture on the needles hold the stitches on when you're not using them.

    Girl on the Rocks has a tutorial for making a crochet hook on a ring. I don't have a blog address, but a quick search would probably find it.

    Happy holidays!

  2. I think you need the needles just because you would get lots of use out of them. Love the new sweater. You are Ravelry?

  3. yes you don't need them, but since when did we only ever do what we needed? Nice argyle, and I'm lusting after celtic swans myself - but with the exchange rate - darn it I should have bought them 6 months ago....
    thanks for visiting me at KKF


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