Friday, December 26, 2008

A Fairy Tale, of sorts...

Once upon a time, there was a lovely woman named "G", who married a nice fellow, "B". They had a friend who made frequent trips to the farway, exotic land of China. (This is in the 60's; China really was both far away and exotic back then.) B asked his friend to order a dress for his wife, and he did. It was made of sapphire blue silk, and fit perfectly. The years went by; their daughter was able to (briefly) wear The Dress in between growth spurts (sadly, we have no photos of this). Their young niece was able to wear The Dress to the wedding of one of her cousins; there are photos of this, but we haven't tracked them down yet. (Plus, she'd probably kill me for putting them out here.) This year, G and B's beautiful granddaughters were old enough to try on The Dress. Here is S (on the left), and E on the right, wearing The Dress. S is a bit taller, so for now, The Dress will belong to E, to hold for the next generation.


I think it's really cool that someone can still wear The Dress; it's absolutely lovely!!


  1. That is so cool. What a wonderful way to share a family tradition.

  2. What a cute story! I think it is really neat how so many of the women in the family got to wear the dress.

  3. Sigh, oh those precious two months when you can fit in that dress. They pass so quickly.


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