Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mystery Craft... help?

I'm hoping one of you out there in internet land will be able to help me figure out what, exactly, my mother-in-law has got here. It is a pillow, wool, that a relative from Dupont, Washington "tied" over the winter one year. (Long ago.) It is little pink and green wool balls (pompoms? rounds then tied down?) and the word "DUPONT" has been put on, in pixel-form, using red dye of some sort. Here are photos of the entire front, then closeups of the front and the back. As you can see, the back really does look "tied".


front, close-up


If you know what it is we have here - if it's a specific sort of craft or design or style that has a name- please let me know!

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  1. okay, this may sound weird, but is that the one he did while a shepard?


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