Monday, December 22, 2008

A finish, without proof, and a start...

So, I've really been on a finishing-projects roll lately. To the point that, as of late (really really late) Friday night, I pretty much ran out of small, easy to knit without much thinking knitting projects. Completely out. The only knitting projects that I've started and have left to finish are:
  1. Illusion Dragon Blanket, which is presently about two bulky pounds of yarn attached to two MORE bulky pounds of yarn. NOT PORTABLE.
  2. Secret of the Stole Absolutely lovely - and beaded. Beads don't travel well.
  3. Peacock Scarf Again, lovely. Again, beaded. But with even smaller beads. NOT PORTABLE.
  4. Titania Sweater This would work if I wasn't carefully stitching both fronts (I'm making a cardigan) and the back at the same time to make sure everything matches up well. It could just be a small skein and some needles - but it's THREE skeins, six needles, and more headache to transport than it's really worth. Plus, it managed to lose itself in my house again (I don't know how; I thought all my knitting UFOs were in one place. They aren't.)
  5. Snowball's Chance in Hell Ninja Armwarmers Ooops. These are finished. Thus the problem. See?


    So cute, and just in time for winter!
    Somebody snapped a pic at C's party Saturday night!
    Thanks, whoever you were!!

  6. Forget-me-Not Lace Shawl is the carry-commute project now, but mohair lace isn't the easiest thing on a bumpy train.
  7. Tiger Eye Shawl is a possible. For one, it's out of my Claudia Handpainted Silk Lace, which I absolutely love... but it's a 25 row repeat really openwork pattern that makes my brain melt if I can't pay Very Careful Attention.
  8. Argyle Hearts Sweater ... is running off three skeins at once. Bulky, bulky, bulky. (The yarn, not the sweater. The sweater will just be pleasantly toasty.)
See? That's it. That's all the knitting I've got going. Everything on the needles at this time. And I'm doing SOOOO well not starting things, I'm trying really hard not to do so. But I may have to, just because I think doing lace or bulky all the time will drive me nuts.

Clearly, I need to find my Fairy Tale Sock Club I #2 socks and knit them. Now, where did I put that box?

Oh, there it is..!

How I spent an evening...!

Well, for a brief, shining moment, I had 56 UFOs. One of my cross-stitch pieces, "Welcome Friends", started back in the mid-90s, will never, ever get finished. It's lovely; I'm hoping to find one of those on-line finishing groups that, if they like your half-stitched piece, will adopt it and finish it for themselves. I'd hate to just toss it away, but I know I'm never finishing it, so it came off the scroll-bars on Sunday, and is boxed up ready to ship to its new home, if I can find it one.

As I cast on my first FTSC#1-2 sock this morning on the train (back up to 57), and brought along my size 6 bamboo needles to work so I could cast on the entrelac scarf for my husband (that would be 58), somehow, I don't think that will be the case by the end of the week, now that all the holiday stuff is done (Really. It is. Days early. First time EVER!). On the other hand, hey, I can start two new things and STILL be under 60 UFOs!!!!

Everyone have a good week!


  1. That's a lot of UFOs. Love the gloves.

  2. I love the gloves. I also love the rabbit! You really are such a sweetie. It looks like you had fun taking those gloves on their maiden voyage!


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