Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When the Wintergreen Wasn't.

I love wintergreen flavor. Lots. When I can get away with it, the Ultimate Yummy Thing is devil's food cupcakes with wintergreen frosting. Which frosting, by the way, doesn't occur in nature or in any retail establishment I've ever found. I have to make my own using wintergreen extract, which tiny bottle is hoarded carefully over the course of a few years, but eventually runs out.

Like it did last month. Now, this isn't a big deal, but there's only one place locally - Fran's - that I've ever been able to find the stuff. And earlier this month, when I was rolling by the store, I discovered a Horrible Thing:


Fortunately, the tiny sign in the window kept me from a complete breakdown (and more whimpering than my husband was really in any shape to deal with, since he'd undergone aspher... asphir... getting platelets donated earlier in the day):

I'll be visiting their new location as soon as I get a free Saturday afternoon!

Also, it's really cold, and grey, and rainy and BLAH so far today. The commute in was awful (I can get to my office an hour early most days; today I was LATE!). So, some pretty pictures from last week, when it was delightful and sunny:

Reflections of sunrise off the buildings in Rosslyn, Virginia, from Georgetown, D.C.

I am still knitting, of course. I'm slogging away on SotS-II, and managed to find a pattern error (which, once I checked the group, had already been found and repaired in the Final Version) all on my own, and fix same. Yay! I'm getting better at lace! I'm doing the Savannah version, with the extra "floof" at the bottom edge, and I've almost made it past the floof. Hopefully, I'll be able to start a new page of the pattern by tonight, because the Titania cardigan was calling my name VERY loudly last night. (Mostly because I finally - purely by accident! - located my third set of 14" size 6 straights. (This means I can be knitting the two fronts plus the back at the same time as I go, thus eliminating all that nasty "Okay, what the HECK did I do over here, and how can I make it match?" that always seems to follow me when I try to make sweaters-in-pieces. There's a reason I learned to steek.) But I'd really like to finish just a wee bit more of the SotS-II. Y'know, and possibly have it done THIS YEAR!


  1. Yay for you! I know you can finish it this year!! Keep knitting.....

  2. Okay, I know you understand this whole Blogger thing, b/c your really smart and your blog looks awesome, so I desperately need your help. I can't get photos or even the text to do what I want!!! Help!


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