Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yarn Harlot!!

Okay, Monday, April 7, 2008: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will be at the Borders in Annapolis at 7pm. I am officially begging for a ride now. I can be tossed onto Metro at New Carrolton on the way back (or whichever Metro station works for the kind person driving me), or left at my in-laws' (I think. I'll check with them.)

Also, this weekend was (a) Katsucon (much fun if you're into SF/Anime/Cosplay) - and (b) the Daytona 500. One of the guys at my office went, and got me this:

Yay! Pin!!! I also did a whole bunch of knitting, but forgot the SD card with all the photos. Got halfway through Hint #3 on SotS-II, and found a dropped stitch - thankfully, only two rows down! - that I need to fix. Finished the second repeat of the Traveling Roses scarf - man, it's gonna be pretty! - and am halfway through the third. The pattern called for smaller needles and thirteen repeats of the 44-row pattern; I'm thinking 7 repeats will suffice.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise!!

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  1. I'm putting it on my calendar. You're welcome as usual to ride with me.



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